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Pixel Design Agency | 4 Things you Need to Know Before Hiring A Web Designer
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4 Things you Need to Know Before Hiring A Web Designer

Many web designer and clients relationships end at a sour end as many of you would relate. This is because both parties have different expectations as to what should be done. A lack of understanding is the main cause for this. Here are a few tips that can help both parties have a smoother and more efficient process.


  • Outline  Goals and Objectives

Winding road


The first thing once the contract is signed and process ready to begin the client should outline the goals and objectives of undertaking the web design process. Clear goals and objectives ensure that both parties stay in line. The web designer should do a process map that shows the client how the job will get done, the timelines as well as what they require from the client for the process map to be complete.



  • Discuss Add ons Before you begin


A lot of web designers get frustrated by clients who want to keep on changing content from time to time. This can create a lot of friction and most end up charging for extra work. However such payments should be discussed prior to the beginning of the project to manage expectations and reduce conflict. Honesty and openness between both parties can go a long way in maintaining the peace.



  • Manage Your Expectations


As a web designer you have certain expectations from the client and vice versa. You both need to find a common ground in terms of communication, content development, deadlines and goals. You can only do this if you communicate better.



  • Exercise Patience and Adjust

90% of the projects that we participate in rarely go by the book.  We always meet hurdles along the way in different dynamics. The best you can do is to adjust to the changes that are bound to happen as well as exercise some patience. Stick to the goals and objectives but still provide room for adjustments.


Web Design tends to be a very personal process that most times takes longer than you would expect. However through exercising patience and professionalism we can have happy clients and happier web designers.

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  • Mwamzali Shiribwa

    March 25, 2017 at 3:15 pm Reply

    Every consultancy goes through the same challenges. Communication is KEY

    • Saisi

      March 27, 2017 at 6:05 am Reply

      So true without Communication no progress is ever made and leads to lots of frustrations.

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