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Pixel Design Agency | 6 Things Your Website is Missing
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6 Things Your Website is Missing

Chances are, that you already have a company website that is up and running, and listed on several directories. This is great as it allows people to have the chance to locate you easily when they go online, with this there is some information that one expects to find in order to continue with further engagement or not.
You need to ensure that your website is updated, so people check the correct and accurate information. We have put below a small list of things that we believe need to be taken into consideration as soon as possible.

About Us Page:

This is one website page that usually has the highest number of views of all pages. This is page is an opportunity to build trust of your organization stating how long you have been in existence, leadership structure, and also at times the values the company stands on. Include information on this page that will make people to be confident that you are not a briefcase company

Contact Information:

This information is very vital and has to always be accurate and up to date. The telephone number should be active and preferably mobile numbers if available. If in any invent you have changed physical locations it is also very important to change it on the Maps. It would also be great to have your number at a location that one can easily and quickly see it.
Reviews/testimonials from past or current clients:
You may not know the importance of this but it is a great way of showing new and prospective clients that there are people out there who can attest to your product or service. It might seem like something very minor but it has the potential to draw business to you.

Mobile Friendly Design:

Smartphone users are the majority of the current website traffic. The website that you have MUST be mobile responsive and not static. The number of people glued to their smartphones is ever increasing. Ensure that they have an exceptional experience on your website while browsing.


Search engines will always produce your highest quality prospects because they represent people who are actively searching for the products and services you offer. Make sure your website has a customized search engine optimization strategy in order to boost your site’s search performance.

Call to Action:

This is usually the best way to collect information from you potential clients visiting your website. Calls to action are offers in the form of buttons, banners, or graphics that prompt people to continue down a conversion tunnel. Calls to Action are both directly and indirectly related to traffic (or the lack of it), and missing even one chance at a Call to Action is a big missed opportunity.

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