designer/client relationship

What makes a good designer/client relationship?

In order to have a great designer/client relationship, you need a strong foundation pf mutual understanding and respect. We ensure that we have a one on one discussion with the client so that we can be able to deliver the product desired. Many at times we desire to have a great experience, but occasionally you will have an experience that will be unforgettable.

Here are some ideas and tips to consider that will help you have the best designer-client relationship during your branding process:

Clear Guidance

It would be unfortunate once the designer has finished with the project only for the work. In the initial stages of the project, the client needs to state what they expect. They should communicate timelines and the cost implications.


This is key for any work relationship to work. In order to be able to achieve the desired resulted a good communication channel needs to be established. This is a good way to prevent unexpected obstacles cropping up further down the line. Throughout the project, a lot of communication will also be required to make any necessary changes before final product.


Positive feedback is always helpful, does not have to be critical, and should be honest. Criticism is part of our daily engagement and we never take it negatively. The designer/client relationship is successful then there is transparency from both sides.


Lastly, you need to have created a lasting working relationship. A positive attitude, reliability and honesty can make all the difference in establishing a successful long-term partnership.

To wrap up, a good relationship relies on both parties to have open and honest communication, this will in turn lead to a mutual trust and respect. If you would like any design queries answered, please email us at Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

Web Hosting

Choosing a Web Hosting Company

Choosing a web hosting company for your website can be an easy process as long as you take into consideration the key factors to getting good service. Several companies offer the service both locally and internationally, some costings maybe similar but in the details is where there is a huge difference.

Some of the key things to consider when making this ultimate valuable decision include:

  • Reliability

The company should have a record of having no down time and being operations 24/7/365. It would be unfortunate to have a hosting company that experiences a lot of down time; hence, clients are not able to access your website. You can be able to know more about this when you get to read the testimonials.

  • Customer Service

Currently we always need to ready for the inevitable. No matter how good your web skills, or how reliable the hosting company, there will come a time when something will go wrong, or you will need to ask a question. When this time come, you cannot to be able to get in touch with your host provider at any time of day or night. Consider where the host company location, whether they have a live chat platform on their website, and functioning number or email address.

  • Purpose

Depending on your website and the content, which you have, will dictate how much space you should be able to purchase for your website. If the website that you are putting up is for fun, you can consider getting a free hosting, which unfortunately has advertisements. If the website on the other hand is for business, paid hosting is the way to go

  • Pricing

Web hosting packages differ wildly in price across different providers. You can easily decide to choose the cheapest package but as the old adage, “Cheap is expensive in the long run”. Always look at the features offered with each package that informs most times the price charged.

  • Scalability

This is looking at how possible is it for one to increase their allocated space when need arises. You would want a hosting company that is open to this so that in the event you miscalculated on the size of space you initially bought you have freedom to make adjustments. While many providers offer that ability, many make upgrading easier than others do.

  • Security

Security has become big business and with the ever-growing potential of being hacked. It is paramount for hosting with a provider that takes this very seriously

  • Reputation

Lastly, another factor to consider, and potentially one of the most important, is the hosting company’s reputation. Websites should have testimonials, clientele or statistics that can demonstrate customer satisfaction. It is helpful to look at hosting forums to see what people are saying.


There are many more things that you can consider before making that decision to purchase your hosting package. Therefore, before you click, Buy Now, make the following considerations so that you will not have to regret later. Feel free to consult us in the event you require more information concerning the same.


Website Re-Design

Signs Your Website Needs Some Re-Design

There are many varied reasons that would lead one to consider re-design of their website. When you realize that the number of websites views has reduced it is high time to reevaluate your website and see the changes.

Some of the reasons that could lead to loss traffic include:

  • Outdated Information

When your website is not up to date with new information, it can lead to miscommunication of Information. This can in turn lead to loss of clients, it will also send a wrong message that you do not care so much about your website or you are too busy to do it. There could also be changes in the team, board and other subordinate staff that are still displayed as active members

  • Evolution of your Brand

Over time companies rebrand with the changing times. Most times, you will find that the existing website still represent the old brand hence can be confusing. When rebranding happens, the website should also reflect the new brand and embrace latest technologies.

  • Navigation Challenges

User experience is very important to everyone who visits your website. If people have a great experience, they are likely to share the same with their family and friends. There ought to be clarity when one visits the website on how to access information.

  • Responsive

Most of the old website where not responsive hence, their display on other devices such as mobile phones and tablets will not be so appealing. Considering most websites are viewed on these devices, it is best to update your website appropriately

  • Lack of Natural SEO Traffic

When you realize that your website gets literally zero natural traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, then something is definitely wrong. You need to look at your website structure as that could very well the problem that is leading to no website traffic.

  • Lack of Blog

Blogging has become a great way to draw traffic to your website. If you do not have a blog, it is high time that you included one and started sharing information relevant insights with your audience.

  • Audience Evolution

The people who viewed your website a couple of years back are not the same ones viewing it now. You need to be able to change with times and move accordingly. You always need to reach out to the new audiences, with new and updated content and offers that appealing to the market.

Time for Action

How many of the above, have you checked off? Then it is high time you considered redesigning your website. Contact Us Today for a free consultation on the changes that your website requires and we can be able to start working on them as soon as possible.

Seven Reasons why your business needs a Professional Website

Seven Reasons Why You Need a Professional Website

Any business that wishes to be competitive in the online or offline market must have a professional website. Internet has become the leading resource for people to find information, with business research being a leading reason to perform a search on the web.

The following are some points to consider:

  • Your Customers Expect it

Many people currently are always looking for products and services online. A great percentage have smart phones hence they will be searching online for different suppliers and vendors of products. Without an online presence, you will tend to lose on this huge chunk of potential customers. If you do not have a business website, today’s digital-savvy (and impatient) customers may look elsewhere.

  • Online brochure

You website tends to act as a brochure hence saves you spending a lot of money creating physical brochures to distribute to people. This is a more cost effective method, and will save you as an organization a lot of money.

  • Wider market reach

A clean, professional and modern website is an effective way for one to have a wider market reach. There are no limitations to the audience whom you can reach and this in turn increases your customer base. If you in turn have content that is shareable, it in turns will drive more traffic onto your website

  • Accessibility

Websites are available to both your regular and potential customers, 24/7/365 providing them with the convenience of reviewing your products and services when your store or office is closed.

  • Saves on Valuable Time

Providing information to your customers is not an easy thing and requires a lot of time. When you have an online catalogue, you can provide lots of information about your products and services. Once the website is up and running the information is always available for their consumption at any time they need it.

  • Portfolio

You have a platform, which you can use to be able to display your past projects to your potential clients. This helps show credibility that the company has been around and that there are clients who can attest to your quality of work.

  • Customer Service

This is also a platform of providing advice to customers about questions that have been frequently asked before. When you include an FAQ page, adding articles or uploading newsletters to answer all your customers’ questions you can keep them up-to-date. The best way to provide them with value added service than by sharing information on your website.


Your website can be a very powerful tool that can bring more leads and clients to you with minimal effort. In order to do that, your website needs to present your business in the best light possible.

Are you in need of a Professionally Handcrafted Website? Contact Us Today.

What makes a Good Landing Page Design?

What makes a Good Landing Page Design?

Coming up with an amazing landing page is usually very tricky for most developers.

The sole reason for creating Landing pages is getting website visitors to convert to the next stage in the buying journey. You need to come up with a definite goal of what it is that you would want some to see as soon as they click on your domain name. Landing pages are unique depending on the industry that one is in, one standard thing though it has to be captivating.

Designing a successful landing page requires some detailed planning and creative testing.

Some of the things to consider when creating your Landing Page:

  • Goal

What is it that you want the visitors coming to your website to be able to view? Do you want them to download something? Do you want them to fill out a form? Newsletter sign-up? Once you determine what it is, you want them to do then you are off to a great start

  • Know your Competitors

Really its three questions: Who am I competing against, how are they succeeding, and how can I copy their success? Once you are able to answer the above questions, you can borrow ideas from them, and improve on what they are doing to have an edge over them

  • Audience

It is good to have an understanding of whom you are trying to capture with your page and communicate to their exact needs and wants. Get into your audiences head and know how they think and what want and offer them exactly that.

  • Call to Action Button

What will be the title of button and where will this button or rather where will it lead someone. It is worth noting that In the case of Mozilla Firefox, when they changed their call-to-action from Try Firefox 3 to Download Now – Free, it outperformed the original call-to-action by 3.6% and had a confidence level of over 99%, resulting in 500 more downloads during the time of the test.

The button ought to be big, bright, and visible and has to stand out so that the website visitors can easily notice it.

Reasons to Brand Your Company Email

Branding Your Company Email

Having your own company email ( goes a long way to establish credibility than using other emails such as or any other similar email address. Many people view emails from branded email as more believable and are less likely to have some doubts and helps in enhancing communication.

Having custom email addresses is a smart move for several reasons:

  • Professionalism.

Most of the respectable brand that have made an impact in the market all have a company email. When you go the extra mile and have a branded email, it makes you look professional in front of the public. It better represents the norms and practices of your business, creates a positive image for your company and makes it more memorable.

  • Build your Brand

This will help you spread your brand to your customers and potential customers. It will alert them that you have a website. They can in turn be able to view it, to know what other services you offer for their consumption. The clients that you engage currently are usually busy and are pressed for time. Therefore, making the best impression whenever you send email communications to their inbox can really give your business a competitive advantage.

  • Flexibility and control.

There is also some ease when it comes to replying and sending of emails, when one can do them from one central place instead of logging into different email accounts. You are have the flexibility to set up and delete more custom aliases as you hire more staff. You are also able to set limits of the size of emails that you can resize at your discretion.

  • Communication

When people see email from your domain, your clients are bound to respond to your emails much more easily. They tend not to mark them as spam or ignore them. Helps also, when one wants to communicate to locate your email with ease.



Registering a Domain Name

Registering a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is usually the first step when it comes to developing of your website. Whether you own a dozen domain names or you’re looking to register your first domain name, we have compiled a few handy tips that will help you pick the right name and avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

What to consider:

  • It should be short as possible
  • Should be easy to spell and pronounceable
  • The name ought to be one that you can brand
  • Should be unique and cannot be confused with another domain name
  • Ensure that there is no conflict with an existing Trademark
  • Should be directly related to either your business name or
  • directly related to keywords from your industry or
  • descriptive of your sites content

Importance of a Domain Name

  • If you ever change your web host, your domain name goes with you. You have already generated traffic and have regular visitors or customers who knew your site name as (for example) would not have to be informed about a change of web address (also known as “URL”). Changing of hosting companies does not mean that you have to change your domain as well.
  • If you are a business, a domain name gives you credibility. Few people will be willing to do business with a company that does not have its own domain name. Email sent from as compared to look more believable and authentic.
  • If you get a domain name that describes your company’s business or name, people can remember the name easily and can return to your site without having to consult their documents. In fact, if you get a good name that describes your product or service, you might even get people who were trying their luck by typing “” in their browser.
  • If you want good sponsors (advertisers) for your website, a domain name is usually helpful. It tends to give your website an aura of respectability.


How to Keep Your Website Traffic Alive

How to Keep Your Website Traffic Alive

Getting visitors to your new website can be exciting but it takes a level of commitment and skill to keep them going back to your website. You need creativity and a dedicated amount of time to ensure that you create the right amount traffic constantly to your site. Here a few things you can begin with:



  • Fresh Content


One way to get people coming back to the site is by ensuring that you always have something new and fresh. It can be new blog content, offers, products, stock. Always look to have something fresh and new the audience can look at. As the business continues to grow also ensure that you update the site. Make sure that the current services you offer are always within your site.

Blogs are a great way to ensure that there is always new traffic to your site. Distribute and share blogs via relevant social media channels as a way of building up traffic.



  • Video Libraries


A huge part of what people are consuming online is video content. Videos tend to be more interactive and as you know people respond better to visual content.

Relax, videos don’t have to be perfect and professionally done. They just have to be neat, clear and with good sound. You can even take one with your smart phone and use online video editing tools that are readily available.

Fresh and interactive video content goes a long way in ensuring that your site always receives  traffic because they are interactive and create very high levels of engagement.



  • Timely Discounts


When you offer timely discounts on a regular basis, clients gradually start to expect and to look out for them. This time of year, for example, you could do well by promoting seasonal holiday shopping discounts. You can honor these discounts with coupon codes, social sharing incentives, or even just with manual adjustments to your inventory and its pricing settings. The key is to come up with the right offers, so you can motivate sales without excessively harming your profitability.



  • Dynamic Design


Having a visual element that is constantly been updated is a great way to increase interaction and engagement. It could be a photo, video or even a quote. Let it be something the audience can look forward to just seeing what is next.


Keeping your website alive requires constant consistent efforts over a long period of time. However this efforts add up eventually to bring a huge return on investment. Here is more on how to promote traffic to your website.


How to Promote Your Website to get more Traffic

Now you are excited that your website is done and finally you are on the World Wide Web. However for any real business developing a good website should just be the beginning of a long journey as you now need people to view your site. A website is your online company profile as well as the first sales person that your potential clients are most likely to interact with before even meeting you or your sales team. For that reason you need to ensure that you are making intentional efforts into promoting your website, here are a few you can begin with.



  • Write Quality Content


Write content that is so good that it just screams “share me” or or “link to me”. Quality content ensures that you rank highly on Google something we would all like to experience.


  • Become a guest blogger


Remember that one of the best ways to improve on SEO is having outbound links, this always gives your website credibility. By been a guest blogger and ensuring that you are writing content that is relevant to your website you can be able to re- direct people to your site to gather more information on the topic.



  • Use quality images for posts


Having quality images on your site is key because it can mean another person can use your images and re-direct them to your site as the source and that way create more traffic.


  • Write about controversial and trending topics


Controversial and trending topics tend to get a lot more views than conventional issues. Trending topics are always good because a lot of people are searching for that particular information online.



  • Participate in Facebook groups and other Social Media Communities


Don’t limit yourself to promoting your website to your current social media followers instead expand your scope. There are very many Facebook groups where you can share and promote your content. They are according to shared interests like religion, business, education, politics and many more.Plug in to those groups to increase your reach and website traffic.


All in all getting quality traffic to your site is a journey full of consistency and strategy. Ranking on search engines may take a while but you have to carry out consistent efforts with a great strategy.

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