How To Configure Emails On Phone Or Tablet

  • Go to the application email on your device and click it
  • On display name ,enter your name
  • Enter your email address you want to access as the “email address”
  • Type of connection choose POP3 or IMAP

NB: POP3 is best recommended to have so that a copy of the emails is stored in cpanel

  • Enter incoming mail server as “” e.g if your domain is input incoming mail server
  • Enter outgoing mail server as ””
  • Enter the incoming mail port as:

Incoming server (POP3) = 110 or

 Incoming server (IMAP) = 143

  • Enter the outgoing mail port as:

Outgoing server (SMTP)=25 OR

Outgoing server (IMAP) = 26

  • Do not tick SSL boxes
  • Enter username as your “email address” as created in cpanel
  • Enter password as your “email password” the one created in Cpanel

Other ports for emails are as below:

When ssl boxes are ticked and you have SSL Certificate:

Incoming server (POP3) = 995

Incoming server (IMAP) = 993

Outgoing server (SMTP) = 465

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