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Pixel Design Agency | How to give honest feedback without frustrating your designer
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How to give honest feedback without frustrating your designer

Developing a beautiful and professional design for your website or marketing material will involve collaborations. One thing to note is that the parties are bound to have different perspectives at some point. Communication lines need to be open at all times so that to ensure that the designer is able to achieve the desired outcome. You can check our blog post what you need to know before engaging a designer HERE.

Over the last couple of years, we have had the pleasure of working different types of clients, from the most amazing to those who have been a nightmare. Below are some of the tips that we have been able to learn to make the engagement process to be as smooth as possible:

Be Specific

You need to have a clear understanding of what it is you want done by the designer. Take time to think through the product, even go ahead, and put it down on paper. Nothing is as frustrating as, “This is not what I wanted”, “You didn’t understand what I wanted”, “I can’t accept this” or “I’m not impressed”. When you are able to point out what you liked automatically shows the designer the things you do not because you will probably leave those out.

Don’t Panic

There are many great designer but know that they also at times cannot hit the marked that you wanted on the first go. When this happens, it would be great to communicate to the designer without most positive feedback. This is the time to go back to the design brief, make the necessary changes, and await for the outcome. Key thing is communication.

Be Open Minded

The client many at times would want things in a particular way, although at times it would be good to be open to new ideas and changes recommended by the designer. The designer has expertise and the ideas that they offer might actually prove to be helpful in achieving your set target. Testing out new ideas is beneficial in the end.

Impossible Requests

The goal for any designer is to meet the clients design brief and see your thoughts come to reality. This in turn means that your brief has to be sensible and tenable. Not everything that you want can be achieved some are just plain impossible. There are designs, colors that may not work together and sometimes not everything can fit in one design

Be Original

In your industry one of your competitors might have done something that you like, do not copy them. Designers are there to help in this process. Let your competitors work only act as a reference point of what the final product ought to accomplish.


There is nothing wrong with asking your designers to do a lot, that is their job. However, sometimes even design cannot solve every problem. In the end, be sure to celebrate and enjoy the moment and write a positive recommendation for the designer J


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