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Pixel Design Agency | How to Promote Your Website to get more Traffic
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How to Promote Your Website to get more Traffic

Now you are excited that your website is done and finally you are on the World Wide Web. However for any real business developing a good website should just be the beginning of a long journey as you now need people to view your site. A website is your online company profile as well as the first sales person that your potential clients are most likely to interact with before even meeting you or your sales team. For that reason you need to ensure that you are making intentional efforts into promoting your website, here are a few you can begin with.



  • Write Quality Content


Write content that is so good that it just screams “share me” or or “link to me”. Quality content ensures that you rank highly on Google something we would all like to experience.


  • Become a guest blogger


Remember that one of the best ways to improve on SEO is having outbound links, this always gives your website credibility. By been a guest blogger and ensuring that you are writing content that is relevant to your website you can be able to re- direct people to your site to gather more information on the topic.



  • Use quality images for posts


Having quality images on your site is key because it can mean another person can use your images and re-direct them to your site as the source and that way create more traffic.


  • Write about controversial and trending topics


Controversial and trending topics tend to get a lot more views than conventional issues. Trending topics are always good because a lot of people are searching for that particular information online.



  • Participate in Facebook groups and other Social Media Communities


Don’t limit yourself to promoting your website to your current social media followers instead expand your scope. There are very many Facebook groups where you can share and promote your content. They are according to shared interests like religion, business, education, politics and many more.Plug in to those groups to increase your reach and website traffic.


All in all getting quality traffic to your site is a journey full of consistency and strategy. Ranking on search engines may take a while but you have to carry out consistent efforts with a great strategy.

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