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Pixel Design Agency | How to Keep Your Website Traffic Alive
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How to Keep Your Website Traffic Alive

How to Keep Your Website Traffic Alive

Getting visitors to your new website can be exciting but it takes a level of commitment and skill to keep them going back to your website. You need creativity and a dedicated amount of time to ensure that you create the right amount traffic constantly to your site. Here a few things you can begin with:



  • Fresh Content


One way to get people coming back to the site is by ensuring that you always have something new and fresh. It can be new blog content, offers, products, stock. Always look to have something fresh and new the audience can look at. As the business continues to grow also ensure that you update the site. Make sure that the current services you offer are always within your site.

Blogs are a great way to ensure that there is always new traffic to your site. Distribute and share blogs via relevant social media channels as a way of building up traffic.



  • Video Libraries


A huge part of what people are consuming online is video content. Videos tend to be more interactive and as you know people respond better to visual content.

Relax, videos don’t have to be perfect and professionally done. They just have to be neat, clear and with good sound. You can even take one with your smart phone and use online video editing tools that are readily available.

Fresh and interactive video content goes a long way in ensuring that your site always receives  traffic because they are interactive and create very high levels of engagement.



  • Timely Discounts


When you offer timely discounts on a regular basis, clients gradually start to expect and to look out for them. This time of year, for example, you could do well by promoting seasonal holiday shopping discounts. You can honor these discounts with coupon codes, social sharing incentives, or even just with manual adjustments to your inventory and its pricing settings. The key is to come up with the right offers, so you can motivate sales without excessively harming your profitability.



  • Dynamic Design


Having a visual element that is constantly been updated is a great way to increase interaction and engagement. It could be a photo, video or even a quote. Let it be something the audience can look forward to just seeing what is next.


Keeping your website alive requires constant consistent efforts over a long period of time. However this efforts add up eventually to bring a huge return on investment. Here is more on how to promote traffic to your website.


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