Reasons to Brand Your Company Email

Having your own company email ( goes along to establish credibility that using other emails such as or any other similar email address. Many people view emails from branded email as more believable and are less likely to have some doubts and helps in enhancing communication.

Having custom email addresses is a smart move for several reasons:

  • Professionalism.

Most of the respectable brands that has made an impact in the market all have a company email. When you go the extra mile and have a branded email, it makes you look professional in front of the public. It better represents the norms and practices of your business, creates a positive image for your company, and makes it more memorable.

  • Build your Brand

This will help you spread your brand to your customers and potential customers and it will alert them that you have a website up and running and they can be able to view it to know what other services you offer for their consumption. The clients that you engage in currently are usually busy and are pressed for time. Therefore, making the best impression whenever you send email communications to their inbox can really give your business a competitive advantage.

  • Flexibility and control.

There is also some ease when it comes to replying and sending emails when once can do them from one central place instead of logging into different email accounts. You have the flexibility to set up and delete more custom aliases as you hire more staff. You are also able to set limits of the size of emails that you can resize at your discretion.

  • Marketing

Having a Gmail, yahoo or outlook email address for your business is equal to promoting someone else’s business on your back. Having your own email address will set you apart and maintain your professional image.

  • Communication

When people see an email from your domain, your clients are bound to respond to your emails much more easily and not mark them as spam or ignore them. It helps also when one wants to communicate to locate your email with ease.



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