What makes a good business logo

It is always interesting to see how some business logos have become part of our culture. This is because they have the ability to make a great visual conversation with the masses and especially with the targeted market; they hope to reach out to. People have established bonds with some company logos that they cannot easily change them. Some brands have gone beyond borders.

The Business logo is the most important design element for any company because it is the basis for all other company materials i.e. stationery, packaging, promotional material and signage. Once you have the logo in place only then can you prepare all these other documents and products. The logo also reflects the message that you would like to company to convey.

The best logos have several things in common. Here are five keys to a successful logo:


The logo should be something that is not complicated to understand and clearly sends the message at first glance. Some of the world’s global brands have very simple logos that when one looks at them they can get it. A simple aesthetic is simple to digest.


It would not be a good idea to copy the logo design of an already existing company; it will not suffice and will sell you in a negative light. Be unique and do not steal someone’s idea you can borrow ideas.

Know your Competition

Before embarking on the design process, the client needs to inform you more about the competition that they have in the market. This usually helps to know what message their logos convey so that your design can be in the same line.

This research period might also help you understand the branding conventions in the market sector, which will in turn help with the design process.


This quality makes your logo easily remembered by your customers whenever they see it, which will in turn lead to return customers and referrals to new customers.

You might have a great eye and know what exactly it is that you want but it is always great to consult a professional designer.  They being professionals they can easily advice on whether the design will look good on print or if it is transferable.