What makes a good designer/client relationship?

In order to have a great designer/client relationship, you need a strong foundation of mutual understanding and respect. We ensure that we have a one on one discussion with the client so that we can be able to deliver the product desired. Many at times we desire to have a great experience, but occasionally you will have an experience that will be unforgettable.

Here are some ideas and tips to consider that will help you have the best designer-client relationship during your branding process:

Clear Guidance

It would be unfortunate once the designer has finished with the project only for the work. In the initial stages of the project, the client needs to state what they expect. They should communicate timelines and cost implications.


This is key for any working relationship to work. In order to be able to achieve the desired resulted a good communication channel needs to be established. This is a good way to prevent unexpected obstacles cropping up further down the line. Throughout the project, a lot of communication will also be required to make any necessary changes before the final product.


Positive feedback is always helpful, does not have to be critical, and should be honest. Criticism is part of our daily engagement and we never take it negatively. The designer/client relationship is successful then there is transparency from both sides.


Lastly, you need to have created a lasting working relationship. A positive attitude, reliability, and honesty can make all the difference in establishing a successful long-term partnership.

To wrap up, a good relationship relies on both parties to have open communication, which leads to mutual trust and respect. If you would like any design queries answered, please email me at consult@pixeldesignagency.co.ke