What makes a Good Landing Page Design?

Coming up with an amazing landing page is usually very tricky for most developers.

The sole reason for creating Landing pages is getting website visitors to convert to the next stage in the buying journey. You need to come up with a definite goal of what it is that you would want some to see as soon as they click on your domain name. Landing pages are unique depending on the industry that one is in, one standard thing though it has to be captivating.

Designing a successful landing page requires some detailed planning and creative testing.

Some of the things to consider when creating your Landing Page:

  • Goal.

What is it that you want the visitors to come to your website to be able to view? Do you want them to download something? Do you want them to fill out a form? Newsletter sign-up? Once you determine what it is, you want them to do then you are off to a great start

  • Know your Competitors

Really its three questions: Who am I competing against, how are they succeeding, and how can I copy their success? Once you are able to answer the above questions, you can borrow ideas from them, and improve on what they are doing to have an edge over them

  • Audience

It is good to have an understanding of whom you are trying to capture with your page and communicate to their exact needs and wants. Get into your audience’s head and know how they think and what wants and offer them exactly that.

  • Call to Action Button

What will be the title of a button and where will this button or rather where will it lead someone. It is worth noting that In the case of Mozilla Firefox, when they changed their call-to-action from Try Firefox 3 to Download Now – Free, it outperformed the original call-to-action by 3.6% and had a confidence level of over 99%, resulting in 500 more downloads during the time of the test.

The button ought to be big, bright, and visible and has to stand out so that the website visitors can easily notice it.

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